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If you prefer to not see third parties that work with us, you've come to the right place. Opt out in just a few easy steps.

We partner with third parties who may use interest-based advertising to deliver ads on our website.

Our Targeted Advertising is cookie based and does not collect or use any personally identifiable information. We do collect and share behavioral data (such as what products you viewed, what categories you browsed, or what stores and brands you visited). If you still feel you would like to opt out of our Targeted Advertising, please follow the two steps below.

Please note, opting out of the Targeted Advertising programs does not mean you will no longer receive any online advertising. It does mean that you will no longer be served with Targeted Advertising powered by third party partners.

The opt out process below is cookie based. In order for the opt out to work on your computer, your browser must be set to accept third party cookies. If you buy a new computer, change your web browser, or delete your cookies, you will need to perform the opt out task again. Also, please note that if you use more than one type of browser (such as Internet Explorer and FireFox) or more than one computer to access the internet (such as a work laptop and a home desktop), you will have to opt out on each browser and each computer you use.

To opt out of Targeted Advertising powered by third party partners, CLICK HERE, and when redirected to the DAA consumer opt out page, scroll to the bottom and click the “Choose all companies” button.

If you would also like to opt out of third party Targeted Advertising at the NAI website, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please send email to info [at]