ISBN 9781560000112

ISBN 9781560000112 is associated with Social Movements: Ideologies, Interests, and Identities

ISBN 9781560000112

ISBN 9781560000112 has following Product Name Variations:

  1. Social Movements: Ideologies, Interests, and Identities
  2. Social movements: ideologies, interests, and identities
  3. Social Movements
  4. Social Movements - 1st Edition (eBook)

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ISBN Identifier Group:1 (English), Type: Language
ISBN Publisher:56000
ISBN Title ID:011
ISBN Check Digit:2
EAN-13:9 781560 000112
Last Scanned:2024-05-21 02:27:49

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Alibris UK Social movements: ideologies, interests, and identities ₤18.22 2014-10-17 08:45:28
VitalSource Social Movements - 1st Edition (eBook) CAD1241.26 2024-02-19 05:06:39

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